Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dainty do crissy cross I love how the hair style starts from the back.What a fun idea.
Start by parting your child's hair.

Start your dainty do crissy cross by section out four section. Two on each side of your part. Then you attach them to the next section of hair using the criss cross method. This is a fun one!

You've sectioned your hair in the four strand crissy cross keep going tell you get to six.

This is the six strand Crissy cross make sure it look like this on both sides. Then you take the extra hair and make your pony on each side. For extra dainty do glam add some curls and bows

I hope you mommies loved this Danity do hair style. It can work for short styles as well as long. once you do it once you should have it down.

Thanks Haylee girl for letting me release my dainty glam. mommy

This danity do was inspired by Haylee she wanted her hair to look like pom poms. She decided she wanted to be a cheerleader for Halloween. I don't have step by step directions.So Look at the last post it is 4 pull through ponies sectioned out in 4 parts. Once your done with that you take the left over strand and twist them. Part your hair down the middle and create your poms poms.

The kids had a great time the night of there halloween party.Nothing like a cheerleader with a sweet football star.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Picture day is here! And I wanted to do something simple. And also something that would make a picture perfect hairdo. This is dainty do's side pony try it out. It is fast and easy and super cute!
Dainty do's side pony!
The beginning of this hairstyle starts on the left side of the head. You want to start out with the first section of your hair and make a pony . Then you should section under the pony holder. Allow room for you to pull your pony through the opening. Pull your pony down like your tying a shoe lace.

The next steps are to take your side pony and to attach it to the second section of hair .You should continue doing this until your on the other side of your child's head. There should be at least four or five sections.

After your done with four of five pony side. It's best if you add a ribbon or a bow. The rollers give it a softer bounce and it looks like you took an hour to do it. And the rollers can take five minutes.

So the hairstyle is complete.It is definitely DAINTY GLAM!
Do you think there ready for a day of smiles! It's Rio vista picture day. Hayden and Haylee I think they look picture perfect! Make sure you two smile pretty.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All little girls love to do hair. I thought this was cute!

This was a fun style I came across. So simple and fun.
This blogsite is a fun way to get Haylee excited about me doing her hair,It is also a great creative outlet for myself. I hope to make it fun and easy. The first few post will just be pictures. Then I will be posting step by step examples of fun dainty do's. So please visit this website often and it will insure a great hairdo for your little ones.